Life Coaching Leadership

Leadership through life coaching counselling. We use a holistic counselling and consulting approach to identify and support healthy mental wellness and awareness. 

Our strong counsellors are well grounded in alternate therapies which support African-communities such as art, music, drumming, dance, spoken word and more.

Define your own future…

Not all of us had our future career and vision laid out for us…the moment we turned FIVE. Those are the ones who holds onto an idea and works towards seeing their idea into fruition. For those of us still wondering about our future at… ages 15, 25, 35, 45 and even 65… our life coaching programming may be best for you. Rooted in a mentorship & solution-focused approach, our FREE life coaching sessions will help you develop a flexible road map to the future of your dreams.

Our goal is to guide you through an inventory of your greatest strength and assets, walk with you as you create a vision for yourself that is out of this world, and equip you with the tools & mentors who will help you compensate your areas of need.

Nicole Perryman

Start with your plan…

Our life-coaching sessions start with an in-depth analysis into your personality traits, an assessment of your life skills, developing a vision board, and a needs analysis. Learn about your best strengths and key features which help build your resiliency through life’s ups and downs. Learn more about how you can address your areas of need and change through interactive motivational sessions. Connect with professionals and mentors who will provide guidance to you along your journey.

Our Principles

  • To provide FREE options for individuals seeking life coaching support, aged 15 and elders
  • To find motivated and supportive mentors & professionals who will support individuals on their life coaching journeys.
  • To provide a GAP in services for youth leaving child welfare, the criminal justice system, and/or newcomers to Canada
  • To provide strength-based, solution-focused vision plans for individuals at the close of their coaching experience.

Our Funders

We are funded in support by Aset Group Consulting and Counselling Services, which provides our clinical team, resources & space.

We are always looking for Mentors to join our collaboration. Please see our Invitation!

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