Organizational Structure

January 5, 2022

Ifarada uses a strength-based, holistic approach to organizational culture, development, and sustainability. The holistic approach is grounded in Africentric and Indigenous ways of knowing and highlights the importance of drawing upon knowledge, science, intuition, and spirituality towards creating a healthy working culture. As an organization, we search for the strengths within our community, and the people that serve the community. Our strengths help carry us through the painful process of change, growth, and development. It is within our strengths, we demonstrate our personality, our resiliency, our desires, passions, and our interests.

The model of leading organizational structure is adapted from Indigenous ways of government and leading. Review the following articles for further information [listed below].

Ifarada’s Org Chart

In the center, and focus of the work is the community we serve. The community is diverse, inclusive, and resilient.

Features of Decision Making

I am because we are- Ubuntu

Focus on the interests and functioning of the group are placed on highest importance. The community is at the center of our work, and the focus of our intervention. While working on a system level, we focus on the belief that we are creating better spaces for other generations. On a micro-level (the family) is the core of the intervention, and no one is left behind or left out.

For You, By You

Decisions follow an equitable and collective process that includes and respects the people who are part of the organization, and our community.


The organization practices a holistic approach to supporting the community, the family, and the individual. This approach extends to the people who work within the organization. The organization cultivates safe spaces for people to feel included, worthy, and valued within the organization.

Elder to Youth

Our youth and elders are a valued source of knowledge, wisdom, joy, and activism, and thus we welcome their thoughts, beliefs, and opinions in directing the organization to achieve success.

Hiring Process

The organization is currently operating on project-based funding, as it does not have core funding to date. Thus, projects and community funding helps to generate growth for the organization. There are three main areas: identification of a community need and funding opportunity offered that the organization can compete for, and a vision/planning session that developed the program.

This chart details the process for hiring. For further information about upcoming opportunities, review: Opportunities.

New applicants can send their resumes, references, and attached certificates to the hiring email. Once selected for an interview, the applicant will receive a HIRING PACKAGE with information about the position, interview questions, and further processes. Applicants selected for an interview can provide three references that we can contact and complete a background check (i.e., criminal reference check/vulnerable sector check).

Articles to Review

Management in Contemporary Aboriginal Organizations